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Welcome to the Pioneer Valley

The Pioneer Valley is comprised of Western and Central Massachusetts, and is home to rich natural habitats and breathtaking views. Aside from nature, the area is home to a rich Pioneer community - something that the PVTO hopes to embody through its showcase. We are the premier high school basketball showcase for girls and boys basketball, showcasing Pioneer Valley talent from high schools across the region. Completely student run by University of Massachusetts Amherst students, we hope to pay homage to the region and our university as we help the next generation of student-athletes excel.

Our History

The PVTO was started in 2011 by Scott Moses '15 and Pat Sallet '15, both students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  For the first ten years, it was held in the Curry Hicks Cage.  The Cage was built in 1931 by University of Massachusetts Amherst alum, Clinton Goodwin. It was named ten years later after Curry Hicks, who had been the athletic director of UMass since 1911. In addition to annually hosting the Western Massachusetts MIAA high school basketball championship games, it was the home for both UMass Men's and Women's basketball for over 60 years. It has seen UMass legends under its roof such as Julius "Dr. J" Erving, Harper Williams, and Lou Roe.  Its intimate feel ensured a loud and energetic atmosphere for players and spectators alike, and with a capacity of 4,000 fans, the Cage was more than capable of housing the animated fan sections for which the Tip-Off is well known. 

The Curry Hicks Cage was replaced by the more modern and much larger Mullins Center in 1993. The Cage continues to be used as the practice facility for the UMass Track & Field teams, but is no longer equipped to host basketball events.  Beginning in 2021, the PVTO was relocated to the Mullins Center to truly encapsulate the UMass basketball experience and allow players to play on the same court as today's teams! Fans and players alike are now able to experience a more modernized court and playing environment with this transition, although we will never forget our roots in the Curry Hicks Cage.

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